Managing Humidity in Your Rental Property

Basic Maintenance Guide For Tenants

In winter months, humidity problems can increase due to wet weather outside and colder temperatures. Windows and outside doors are closed more often too, this reduces indoor air circulation and ventilation. During wet/cold weather, windows and outside walls will be colder than normal and condensation may form.

Note: Moisture is continually released inside your home, as much as 10-50 litres a day, through routine household activities such as cooking, showering, bathing, doing laundry and dishwashing. People, pets, indoor plants and aquariums also contribute to humidity.

The ideal relative humidity level for a home is between 30 and 40 percent.

Signs of high humidity levels:

  • Property feels muggy, clammy or sticky
  • Property has a musty odor
  • Water pooling and/or staining on window sills or sliding doors
  • Water streaming down window and door frames, or glazing
  • Wet carpets at the bottom of big glass windows
  • Wetness on or water stains on walls or ceilings (usually worse in closets or hidden walls)

How to reduce high humidity levels:

  • Ensure the humidistat is set properly
  • Open windows a small amount for several hours per day
  • Always use kitchen fan when cooking
  • Turn on bathroom fan when showering or bathing
  • Leave bathroom fans on for several hours per day
  • Reduce number of indoor potted plants
  • If you hang laundry on a rack, hang it in a bathroom with the fan running
  • In condos, there should be a small air gap below your entry door, this creates airflow, do not block this air gap
  • Put covers on aquariums

Allow warm air to circulate in all areas:

  • Open drapes and blinds for at least a few hours per day
  • Ensure a 1 inch gap at the bottom of closets doors, or leave closet doors open
  • Do not cover or place boxes against outer walls or windows
  • Provide heat to all outer wall areas
  • Ensure furniture is not covering heaters
  • Maintain temperatures around 20˚C

If you are away from home for prolonged periods of time in winter, be sure to maintain a moderate temperate inside your property, between 15˚C and 18˚C, and ensure their is adequate airflow.

By following the above steps, you will be able to manage the humidity in your property and maintain a comfortable, healthy living environment.

If you are a tenant of Property Hunters Inc. and have an issue with condensation please report it immediately through our Tenant Repair Request Form. Condensation issues that are not reported or controlled may be deemed damages and charged back to you.

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