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Harrow property management company

Are you looking for an experienced property management company to handle the daily operations of your rental? Look no further than the expert team at Property Hunters!

Compared to other investment options such as bonds and stocks, rental properties have established themselves as viable investments. You can expect a good flow of rental income, stability against economic shocks, and an appreciation of value in the long term. 

Despite the numerous benefits of owning a rental property, there’s also an endless list of duties that a landlord is expected to manage. To ensure that your rental business remains viable, you need to invest plenty of time, energy, and financing. 

What you ultimately need is an experienced property management company by your side. Get in touch with the leading service provider in the area, Property Hunters. We manage properties of all types, from single-family homes to apartments and multi-rentals. 

The community has taken note of the quality of our services and property solutions. Hiring us guarantees the best and most dedicated service in the region. You can rely on us to meet the needs of your tenants, maintain the condition of your property, build up your investment portfolio, and help you realize your target ROI. 

For exceptional and customized property management services for your Harrow rental, there is no company better company in Ontario. Contact our team today for more information!

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Our Harrow Property Management Services 

Serving Windsor, Belle River, Chatham, Leamington, and Harrow among other areas, Property Hunters is relied upon to offer property solutions to its many clients. We can help you market your rentals, screen tenants, collect rent in a timely manner, maintain your units, and more!

The following are just a few of the services you could gain access to when partnering with us: 

Setting and Collection of Rent 

Do you know how much you should lease out your Harrow rental space? Your rental price will determine your tenant turnover rate and also how easily you can maximize your ROI. 

It’s our responsibility as your property manager to research and analyze the rental property market in your neighbourhood to determine the best rental rates. Additionally, the experts at Property Hunters don’t do a one-off assessment. We are constantly analyzing and will advise you accordingly on when to lower or raise the rental pricing rates. 

When it comes to the collection of rent, we use an online payment solution that allows your tenants to pay their rent easily. Should there be any late payments, you can rely on us to enforce the terms of the lease agreement. All late penalties will be duly paid under our management. 

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Securing Long-term Tenants Through Tenant Screenings 

The key to enjoying your investment in Harrow real estate is by securing long-term tenants. The first step is implementing a thorough tenants screening solution. Since you might not have the network, experience, and tools, you can rely on Property Hunters to screen all possible applicants and secure high-quality tenants for you. 

We have a comprehensive screening solution in place that has been refined over the years. All potential renters undergo a rental history, income, employment history checks, and criminal background checks. 

With Property Hunters, you can get long-term, quality tenants who will pay their rent on time, maintain your property well, and adhere to the terms and conditions of your lease agreement.  

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Property 

The key to maintaining the property is a frequent inspection. Property Hunters implements a regular inspection schedule, allowing our team to identify defects early on before they become larger and more costly to repair. It also gives us an opportunity to check whether your tenants are occupying the space in adherence to the lease. 

Thanks to our experience in the region, we have a team of approved and qualified technicians. Their work has been vetted and your property will be in the best condition possible all year long. In addition to quality work, you can enjoy the competitive prices that we have negotiated with the technicians. 

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Managing Tenants

Self-managing property owners typically get messages or phone calls from tenants at awkward times of the day or night. You can unburden yourself by contacting the premium service provider in Harrow, Property Hunters. 

We always have a team on stand-by, be it on the weekends or on holidays. You can expect our team to provide a prompt and comprehensive solution every time. 

Complying with Property Laws 

There are federal, state laws, and local ordinances that all landlords and property owners must comply with. Failure to follow any of these laws can lead to a fine or penalty that will cut your profit. Property Hunters will help you stay compliant with all legal developments.  

About Harrow, Ontario 

Less than half an hour’s drive from Windsor, Harrow, Ontario is the place to live if you are looking for a serene community. It currently has an estimated population of 2,935 residents. You can realize your real estate investment goals by purchasing affordable real estate in Harrow.  

One advantage of relocating to Harrow is its multi-cultural community. This makes it easy for newer residents to move and be accepted into the community. The area is also home to wonderful cafés, restaurants, plenty of outdoor spaces. What’s more, Harrow has a stellar reputation for producing quality wines.

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Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following areas in Ontario: Windsor, Essex, LaSalle, Lakeshore, Tecumseh, Leamington, Kingsville, Harrow, Belle River, Chatham, and Chatham-Kent.