Emergency Procedures & Guidelines

Guide For Tenants

For fire, If you’re renting in a condo or apartment building, proceed per the building instructions on your floor. For all other properties, vacate the premises immediately.

For flood or water issues, If you’re renting in a condo or apartment building, contact the Property Management Company or Onsite Superintendent immediately, as they may be able to assist with shutting off the valves to stop the flow of water, until a technician can be called. For all other properties, turn off the water supply to stop the flow of water, until a technician can be called.

Also, report fire, floods, water issues and emergencies to Property Hunters.

For Emergencies, call Property Hunters office Immediately on (519) 944-7368, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Emergency Guideline

This guideline is to assist in determining an emergency, although does not cover all possible situations.

What IS an Emergency?

  • Fire Bells ringing > leave the building/property immediately.
  • Water leaks that cannot be contained and will cause damage > turn off water supply valves immediately.
  • Flooding that may be caused by damaged or blocked water pipes, or plumbing fixtures > turn off water supply valves immediately.
  • No heat in entire property during cold season > check your breakers/electrical panel.

What is NOT an Emergency?

  • Minor leaks that can be contained by a bucket to catch drips, and/or will stop dripping when the water shut off valve is turned off.
  • Toilets and sinks that are not functioning or blocked > use a plunger to unblock.
  • Power loss in property > check your breakers/electrical panel first, then contact the Hydro to check power outages.
  • Lost keys or FOBs, you are unable to access your building or property  contact Property Hunters during regular business hours, call 519-944-7368, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM > outside of regular office hours please call a locksmith.

For none emergencies, If you are a tenant of Property Hunters Inc., please submit your repair requests immediately through our Tenant Repair Request Form. Please note, broken/faulty items in your property that are not repaired or reported may be deemed damages and charged back to you.

The information on this web page should be used for guidance purposes only. Property Hunters will not be liable for any damages, personal injury, losses or causes of action of any nature arising from the use of this content. It is your responsibility as a tenant of Property Hunters to take basic safety precautions before, during and after following the guidelines on this webpage.