The History Of Home Brewing

I know it is very easy for you to grab a bottle of your favorite beer at your local store, but it is much better if you homebrew your own unique beer and pop the bottle open anytime you just want to relax or have fun with your family and friends.

Many people think that making their own beer is some kind of hard-core science which is very difficult to do for most folks.

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But the truth is that you need only couple ingredients to make your own homebrew. In fact beer brewing and alcohol making was here hundreds of years ago. In those time do you think people had the scientists and tools to do something very hard to do? No way! They used very simple equipment to turn any drink they wanted into alcohol.

But enough of simple talk, let's dive into the history of alcohol making and beer brewing.

Did you know that alcohol making was first used over 7000 years ago? Yes, many tribes we're making their alcohol. Their only choice was to do it in their homes since companies did not exist right?

Every tribe had their own special alcohol drink or brew and sometimes they exchanged knowledge with members of other tribes and that is how the brewing techniques we're slowly improved and in the year of around 1800s a first companies started to brew their brand of beer.

That is when even first bottles of beer we're sold and these breweries started to make profits by brewing beers.

As soon as the government realized how much money these companies are making, they started to tax brew equipment, ingrediences, brewing kits and the alcohol by itself.

Many knows this period as the prohibition . During these times it was very risky to make any type of alcohol at home, but I guess people loved the "illegal aspect" to it.

This prohibition was cancelled in the year of 1933 because there we're certain groups of people who managed organized crime similar to the drug-dealing mafias and cartels we know of today.

When prohibition was lifted, many companies started to brew again and it became great business in which many people made huge profits. And it still is today.

In recent years many people started homebrewing their own beer at their own homes. It became a hobby for hundreds of thousands folk around the world. These people love the fact that they can come up with special beer recipes that give their beer very unique flavor and body.

Because anyone who want to brew their own beer can buy all the beer making ingredients, beer kits and beer making recipes at very reasonable prices, homebrewing hobby is on a rise like never before.

Just take a look around your small town and soon you will discover couple micro breweries or folks that brew their own beer.

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