The Best of Europe Where to Buy Your Overseas Property

Its a dream millions of us share buying that gorgeous overseas property in a European hotspot and turning into a money machine. Of course, the number of us that actually go through with it per thousand you could count on the fingers of one hand, but with things being as they are on domestic and international market consultants alike, there's never been a better time to get involved.

Which of course leads to the inevitable question where are the hotspots in Europe as of right now? Well, things might not be at their best financially for some European nations, but for overseas property investors the pickings are rich. Its almost impossible to go wrong with no more than a little common sense, but if you're looking for the real picks of the bunch right now, this is where you should be looking:

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What makes Berlin such a great choice is the way in which rental is now far more popular in Germany than home ownership. This means the prospect of long-term rents in some of the most desirable towns and cities in the world Berlin topping the table. Considered by many to be the up and coming capital of Europe, you can right now pick up a stylish and well-situated city center apartment for about $450,000 that's guaranteed to net you a tidy income.


An unusual entry to the list is Turkey, though perhaps not for the reasons most would expect. Sure you can pick up apartments in the seaside resorts of the nation for less than $50,000 but there are too many of them to make any real money. By contrast, there's a good chance Turkey will eventually be an EU state which will mean apartments in Istanbul will go through the roof in terms of demand and values. Buy now for $200,000 and you could end up hitting the jackpot.


Its a simple case of profits here rent property for sale Monaco and the average yield is around the 5.5% mark. Whats more, it's easy enough to pick up pretty gorgeous apartments in the heart of the city for no more than $250,000 so it's a good place for new starters to begin making their mark.


Another seemingly unusual entry, but with tens of thousands of foreigners flooding Malta every winter to seek warmer climes, there are never enough apartment to go around. Make sure you're one of the lucky ones in ownership of a good example and the place will sell itself year after year. As for prices, you'd be able to find something for around the $60,000 mark that will do the job nicely.


And finally, development in Krakow both in a residential and business sense is simply off the scale. The Polish cultural capital will soon overtake India as the worlds busiest and most successful outsourcing center, which has already led to a massive spike in property prices. Still, you can net yourself a city center apartment for no more than around $100,000 right now and be guaranteed serious increases year after year.

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