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A question which is often asked about real estate sales is which home loan fees are deductible for income tax purposes. It is good to know the answer to this question before you sign on the dotted line. It may influence which loan you will choose. Loan fees for certain services are not itemized on your fee statement, but are grouped together into a single category.

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The most obvious deductible fee is the loan fee paid to acquire a mortgage for a principal residence. The IRS recently ruled that the buyer could deduct the fee in the first year, even if the seller paid it! Other deductions include pro-rated property taxes and mortgage interest. On these items, the buyer may only deduct their share.

Most of the other closing costs are not deductible, however, you may add them to your home's adjusted cost basis when calculating appreciation. Among these costs are appraisal, attorney, and inspection fees, as well as title, recording and notary fees. Fire insurance fees are neither deductible nor do they figure into the cost basis. If you are not sure which fees are deductible, consult a professional tax advisor.

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