For Buyers, Don't Be Fooled by Stagers!

The National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents (they never represent seller's or listings) surveyed 500 of their members about what staging means to a buyer. They survey found that buyer's are swayed by staging to the point that they look past the more important aspects of the property. It is hard for buyers to look beyond the staging.

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One agent even reported that a stager had carpeted, put electricity in, hung blinds and curtains into the family's dog house. The problem is that it worked. The buyer figured that if the owner was so meticulous with their dog house that the house also had to be in mint condition. It was hard for the agent to convince the buyer to do an Engineering and could not convince them not to overpay by $50,000.

Staged homes don't add value to the real estate. It is the same footprint, same appliances, same number of bedrooms and baths, same location, same school district, but buyer's will pay more for what is a superficial clean up, painting and furniture placement.

I am an Accredited Buyer's Representative but I do also represent sellers. When representing my seller's and I feel it is necessary to market a property I will recommend staging.

Staging has come into it's over the past few years. A new industry has been born. But what exactly does it mean now that we are in a Buyer's market.

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