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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Chatham, ON? If you are, check out Property Hunters!

With over 15 years of property management experience and local knowledge, we continue to serve our clients with excellence. Whatever type of rental property you own in Chatham, we are here to manage it professionally.

Our professional team always has your best interest at heart. We find ways to maximize your rental income and reduce your stress.

We are fully committed to helping you market your vacancies, screen tenants, attend to property maintenance and repairs, collect the rent and navigate tenant relations.

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind. Managing a property can take up so much time and we’re here to lighten the load for you.

If you wish to further discuss the benefits we can provide for your Chatham rental home, we can easily be reached at (519) 944 7368. You can also email us at We’re excited to help create a suitable property management plan for you!

Our Property Management Services

Whether you have a vacant rental space, need assistance in screening tenants or are looking for a reputable company to oversee the property maintenance of your Chatham rental home, Property Hunters is here.

We offer professional property management services just for you!

Here are the specific services we offer our clients:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

If you have a vacant rental property, we can help fill it quickly!

We make your properties rent-ready. This way, it attracts prospective tenants.

To market your vacancies, we use social media platforms, property listing websites and all other online channels. We also conduct physical assessments and review the features that you offer to the renters. We then build a marketing campaign and target the right demographics.

In doing this, we can find a large pool of prospective tenants.

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2. Tenant Screening Process

After a successful marketing campaign, we focus on landing the right tenants for your Chatham rental home. This is where we put our meticulous skills to work as we conduct a detailed assessment.

We only want good tenants to stay in your rental unit. A good tenant is one who knows how to take care of your property, pays rent on time, and doesn’t cause issues.

We review applications and verify the information provided by the prospective tenant. This means going through their rental history and evaluating the presented financial data.

This helps us to ensure we’re renting to high-quality renters.

3. Rent Collection

With us by your side, late or missing rent payments will be a thing of the past!

For efficient rent collection, Property Hunters uses a digital method. Your Chatham tenants can pay using the electronic transfer or direct deposit.

This makes paying rent easy and convenient for tenants. Not to mention, it’s nearly impossible for rent to get lost when using digital methods!

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

At Property Hunters, we ensure your rental unit always remains habitable.

We’re ready to assist tenants 24/7. If a tenant has a maintenance issue or request, they can reach us via our maintenance hotline.

In terms of property maintenance and repairs, here are some of the things we do:

  • Respond to maintenance requests
  • Enforce leasing policies
  • Prioritize tenant safety
  • Provide timely repairs

In doing so, we increase the renter’s quality of living. And, when the renter enjoys their stay in your rental unit, they’ll be more likely to renew their lease!


5. Detailed Financial Reporting

When you work with us, you can easily access our reporting system. Through this system, you will have access to important financial details from our monthly and yearly reports.

You will also be able to track your earnings, and you’ll always be able to see how your Chatham rental investment is performing.

About Chatham, Ontario

Founded in 1793, the city of Chatham is located in southeastern Ontario.

Chatham has a humid continental climate. This means that the winter season is cold and snowy, while the summer season is warm and humid.

Residents of Chatham, Ontario enjoy living in this city for its sunny beaches, wealth of history and broad variety of interesting activities.

Some of the activities residents and visitors can enjoy include fishing, wine tasting, visiting museums and nature preserves, watching the wildlife, and visiting farms for fresh produce.

Here are interesting places to see in Chatham, Ontario:

  1. Chatham Railroad Museum
  2. Ridge House Museum
  3. O’Neil Nature Preserve
  4. Pardo’s Berrie Farm
  5. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  6. Thames Art Gallery
  7. Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo
  8. St. Clair National Wildlife Area
  9. Kingston Park
  10. Erieau Beach

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Aside from Chatham, we also service the following areas:

If you own a property in any of these areas, contact us today!

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