Best Areas to Invest in Windsor

Windsor is located at the southern end of Ontario. It’s on the southernmost point before reaching the United States of America.

Residents and tourists alike appreciate Windsor for its close proximity to Detroit, Michigan. Windsor and Detroit are only separated by the Detroit River. Windsor is on the northern side, while the American neighbor is on the south bank.

If you’re looking to invest in Windsor, that can be a great move. The population is ever-growing, the weather is great, and there are many job opportunities.

The real estate market is also affordable.

In this post, we here at Property Hunters will go over the top areas in Windsor that you should consider if you’re looking to invest in the city. These locations carry a high potential for high return on investment.

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Best Windsor Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

1. Downtown Windsor

This is the heart of Windsor. It provides the perfect balance between cultural and commercial living.

It boarders the Detroit River to the North, Giles Boulevard to the south, Janette Avenue to the west, and Glengarry Avenue to the east.

Downtown is divided into five distinct neighborhoods: Ouellette Avenue, Chatham Street, University Avenue, and the Pitt Street. All these neighborhoods are family-friendly, and residents have a variety of housing options to choose from.

There are a plethora of attractions in this part of Windsor. From beautiful parks to art galleries, residents and tourists have a lot to revel in.

From an investment point of view, Downtown Windsor should be at the top of your list. You have various renter groups you can target, from families to students to working professionals.


2. Old Walkerville

This neighborhood was once only composed of employees of the local distillery. The founder, Hiram Walker, planned to use it as a model town. He wanted to make it the envy of both the region and the continent.

The neighborhood is characterized by wide streets, large houses, and abundant greenery. There is also high end dining, shopping and entertainment available in Old Walkerville.

3. South Walkerville

If you’re looking to target retirees, this is a great neighborhood to consider investing in.

South Walkerville is an old residential area featuring classic homes and buildings. The beautiful Optimist Memorial Park is nearby and offers chess tables and spots for quiet reading.

The Windsor Regional Hospital is also located in this beautiful neighborhood. This ensures that the residents have easy and convenient access to healthcare.

4. Forest Glade

This suburban, planned community is perfect for families who enjoy quiet living.

Families find Forest Glade to be the go-to neighborhood as it features some of the best amenities for families, such as a library, a brilliant community center, access to different trails, and some of the best schools Windsor has to offer.

In addition, Forest Glade is also a top spot for dining and shopping.

Forest Glade is the perfect neighborhood for every kind of renter.


5. Riverside

Of all the neighborhoods in Windsor, Riverside is arguably the most affluent. Like some on this list, Riverside was once an independent town until it was acquired by Windsor in 1966. The city then worked hard to convert into a haven that many people today aspire to become part of.

The picturesque neighborhood features luxury homes, high-rise apartments and a perfect view of the Detroit skyline.

6. East Riverside

This is a fairly new and upcoming neighborhood in Windsor. It’s spectacularly calm and serene right within the city limits. It offers a unique city lifestyle experience.

Some of the attractive features the neighborhood has to offer include its close proximity to greenery, a large water body, and fine shopping and dining options.

There are waterfront homes with easy access to the beach which resident tend to find extremely attractive.

7. Bridgeview Area

If you are looking to target students, this neighborhood should be at the top of your list.

The Bridgeview area is a student residential area that’s perfect for those attending the University of Windsor. In fact, the neighborhood was purposely built to accommodate the needs of the over 15,000 students who attend the university.

Bridgeview Area is located just west of Downtown Windsor.

Students love living in the area as it’s conveniently located near Downtown. They also love this area for its easy access to the lush green space provided by the city’s largest conservation area.

8. South Windsor

Last but not the least on our list of the best neighborhoods to invest in Windsor is South Windsor. South Windsor has many different housing options to meet everyone’s budget.

The neighborhood’s diversity is also apparent through the diverse food establishments in the area. Besides the unique dining experience, the area is also a bustling epicenter for recreational, cultural and shopping activities.

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In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Neighborhoods in Windsor

The city of Windsor has been on the map of many real estate investors thanks to its affordability, accessibility, safety, diversity and fun.

If you’re looking to invest in Windsor real estate, the aforementioned neighborhoods are great areas to consider!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Property Hunters should you have questions or need professional assistance.