Areas We Serve

We are proud to provide quality property management services to the following areas in Ontario: 


The city of Windsor is located in southwestern Ontario. It is also located in Essex County but is administratively independent. The area is known for its cultural diversity and is a key player in the Canadian automotive industry. 


The primarily rural area of Essex County is located in Southwestern Ontario. The area has an estimated population of 181,530 residents and is made up of seven municipalities. 


The town of LaSalle is located in Essex County, Ontario. The area is considered an excellent place to live and offers residents good schools, lovely restaurants, and cafes, as well as relaxing outdoor spaces. 


Located in Essex County you’ll find the Municipality of Lakeshore. The area has a large French and Bilingual community and is considered to be very safe.


Tecumseh is located on Lake St. Clair just east of Windsor, Ontario. A lot of the land is used for agricultural purposes and has a growing commercial and industrial sector. 


Leamington has an estimated population of 27,595 residents making it the 3rd largest municipality in the regions of Windsor and Essex County. 


Kingsville has a growing population and is located in Essex County, ON. Residents enjoy the small-town atmosphere while still having access to plenty of exciting and charming amenities. 


The region of Harrow is known for its lush soil. Residents and visitors can enjoy the area’s wineries, diverse recreational activities, and agricultural festivals. 

Belle River

The lovely agricultural region of Belle River is located just east of Windsor, Ontario. It’s considered to be a very safe and tranquil place to live. 


Chatham residents enjoy the area for its lovely beaches, wide variety of amenities and actives and its interesting history.


Chatham-Kent is known for its great weather, amenities, and community safety. 


Lambton County is bordered by Lake Huron to the north. The main industries in the region are manufacturing, food services, retail trade and agriculture. 

Greater Toronto Area

The Great Toronto Area is the most populated metropolitan region in Canada. It contain rural, urban and suburban municipalities. 


Hamilton is known for its steel manufacturing industry. It is also home to McMaster University and Mohawk College. 

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