Rental Application Forms & Process

Rental Application Forms & Process


The following standard COVID-19 safety protocols are mandatory:

– Facial Mask 

– Social Distancing (2m)

– Covid In-Person Showing Form Signed


Before you apply follow these instructions your application could be processed in as little as 24-48 hours but 90% of the time it takes longer due to Incomplete Applications. Don’t miss out on the property of your dreams!

About Our Application Process:

Property Hunters will collect your application paperwork to submit to the landlord who ultimately approves a tenant. Property Hunters will guide you on how to submit the most complete application. The following application requirements should serve as a guideline as to what you should provide to verify to the landlord that you are a qualified tenant. Keep in mind that each applicant and landlord are different. A substitute or additional items may be suggested by Property Hunters or required by the landlord.

Property Hunters can not submit your application package to the landlord until it is complete (please see ** below). Please be sure to turn in all required documentation as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation, the length of time it takes to process an application will vary. The length of time will depend on the how long it takes you to provide all the necessary documentation, and how long it takes the property owner to review. Rest assured, Property Hunters does not mess around! Property Hunters knows how to work FAST. Property Hunters will work with you and the landlord to make sure the screening process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible! One last note: once you have been approved by the landlord, you will want to be sure to sign a lease as quickly as possible. There are no guarantees until the lease has been signed.


Application Requirements:

Application: filled out, signed and dated (must be completely filled out AND signed/dated. Write “N/A” if a field does not apply). Be sure to fill in your ideal move in date, email address and cell phone number on the application.

  • COVID-19 In-Person Showing Form
  • Pet Application and photo of pet(s) (if applicable)
  • Credit score with full report (visit OR – FREE!)
  • Copy of drivers license
  • Copy of recent pay stubs, or verification of income if self-employed *
  • $40.00 Screening Fee – Screening Fee is non-refundable. Please do not submit fee unless you are 100% sure you want to apply for property. **


When I decided to rent my mother’s home it was important to find a leasing specialist with knowledge and experience. This is why I chose PropertyHunters. I found Christine and her team to be very professional, extremely dedicated and I was kept informed throughout the leasing process. Not only were the renters carefully screened she was successful in finding me great tenants who are still in the home 4 years and counting. I have since added to my investment portfolio and would not think of hiring anyone else to rent my properties. I highly recommend PropertyHunters.
Tracey Ward, Windsor, Ontario.

PropertyHunters presented themselves in a professional and pleasant manner. Christine’s team are very knowledgeable in the local rental market and through their marketing, social networking and hard work rented our properties quickly for more money than expected. We are pleased to recommend PropertyHunters for their experience, expertise and integrity.
Jannatul Mawa, Windsor, Ontario.

Possible Additional Requirements: (see * note below)

  • Letter of acceptance from new employer and/or:
  • Proof of income: Last 2 bank statements showing regular deposits *
  • Co-signer (if applicable)
  • Student ID (if enrolled)

Requirements for Co-Signers:


  • Many applicants have different types of jobs: multiple jobs, freelance, self-employed, salary, etc. Generally, if you are paid a salary and have been at that job for a while, the landlord will only require the last few pay stubs. However, if you are freelance or self employed, the owner may require three or more month’s bank statements to verify regular deposits (provide the bank statements you deposit your income in). If you feel the last three bank statements do not adequately reflect your income, you may provide a savings account or tax returns. These items may also be accepted.

    If submitting a bank statement, please only submit the 1st page of your bank statement (or the page that reflects the total deposits). If you are starting a new job, a letter of acceptance from your new employer will more than likely be required. In this situation, the landlord may also wish to see the last few pay stubs from your previous job. Again, every situation (landlord and applicant) are different. Property Hunters is here to help guide you on how to submit the best possible application package.


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